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Nocturnal Web Series

      The terrifying evidence involving the murder of a young woman named Natalie Brew seem to lead  authorities to her tormented, rock 'n roll boyfriend. 

     Police investigators Archer Reilly and Sarah Pennington investigate further only to discover, there is no shortage of suspects. Did she run afoul of the wealthy and powerful Hawthorne family—led by its patriarch Jebediah—whose power came as a result of dealings with dark forces? Or was she another in the seemingly endless victims of Dr. Ulrich Von Der Lin, a vampire masquerading as a hypnotherapist?

Acting & Drama Classes

Tommy Hanochek, a washed up Pulitzer Prize winning reporter now working for a sleazy tabloid paper, Coastal Information Archives, reluctantly accepts a story lead to expose a hypnotist and  internet scam artist. Along with his young assistant, Joan Ellen Poe, an investigation begins against Dr. Ulrich Von Der Linn. They soon discover that the Doctor isn't what they thought at all.

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The Vampire
Singing & Dance
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