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When no-nonsense homicide detective Greer English (Laura Romeo) begins investigating a series of bizarre and grisly murders, she embarks on a slow descent down the rabbit hole of depravity - where humanity's darkest desires give rise to its most unspeakable horror. From bridesmaid-butchering berzerkers to beautiful bondage babes, the trail ultimately leads her to seedy fetish photographer Billy Tagg (Michael McGovern) who has become the latest vessel for an ancient, malevolent spirit known as ""The Tickle Monster.

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Meat for satan's icebox

Mislead, wayward teens, Cindy and Christian, wind up in the remote town of Satan Place. They try to escape, but end up in the local slaughterhouse where they're held captive by cannibalistic workers hungry for their flesh. The slaughterhouse of Satan Place is where those who can afford it come to devour the young, like a deli from hell!

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